Convolution is pleased to announce the re-publication of CAMBRIDGE M’ASS, Robert Grenier’s poster-poem-map, originally printed by Lyn Hejinian’s Tuumba Press in 1979. 500 copies. 40”x 49”. Comes rolled in a tube. Now available for order.

CAMBRIDGE M'ASS should have won the Pulitzer Prize and the National Book Award and gotten Grenier a MacArthur too. But it didn't work out that way. Don't miss it this time around.

Charles Bernstein

We are living in a golden age of reissues and facsimiles. But even among the treasures now at hand, CAMBRIDGE M'ASS stands out as a holy grail. The first edition's format and misfortunes have made it a legend—and meant that for decades it has been all but impossible to find (a mere half-dozen libraries worldwide record a copy in their catalogues—all, not surprisingly, in restricted special collections). The republication by Convolution is an event that should prompt us to reconsider the limits of the post-war avant-garde's publishing and poetics. Grenier's poster takes its place in a renaissance of recoveries from which the status quo may never recover.

Craig Dworkin

Limited signature edition also available.