An Annotated Index Book Launch and Discussion

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Join us for a book launch for An Annotated Index to the Photographic Work of Diana Kingsley by Tan Lin with Anecdotes and Emendations by M. Moore and E. Dickinson.

Featuring a conversation between Tan Lin and Diana Kingsley, moderated by Paul Stephens. 

An index to the photographs of Diana Kingsley, with references to cheeses, children, crackle glazes, capillary action of colors, corn syrup mimicry, plants, doublets, embalmed moonlight, etiquette, Violent Femmes, 8:37 pm, furniture and the afterlife, Aunt Rooney, grief and the reversal of mischief, hortensia, Japan double, love story as furniture, music of the undertaker (Photoshop), Nars Orgasm Blush, the New Brunswick Southern Railway, Ontario, perfume of doorways, photography and craquelure, rooms with honeymoons in them, stock photos, summers act inwardly, speed of wallpaper, and sex.

With Anecdotes and Emendations by M. Moore and E. Dickinson. Full color reproductions, b/w text and optical endpapers.

The book was issued in three variant colors for the cover: gold, blue-silver, and silver-pink. It retails for $20.00 and is available through the Printed Matter website